prezidentKakha Basilia – President of the Georgian Martial Arts Confederation; President of Georgian National Karate Federation; Chairman of World Academy of Shotokan Karate; Three Times World Champion; Japan Champion (the only non Japan); The Soviet Union Champion; owner of the 8 Dan; Georgian honorery Coach; Georgian Olympic committee’s President Adviser;
Georgian Sports Ministry Adviser; President of ,,Premier Business Group’’; For ages he was an Adviser of Georgian Minister of Defence (colonel); He is rewarded with the nominative Martial Arts arm by The Minister of Defence; For his promotional activities in popularization and development of Karate was rewarded with the “Katana” – a Japanese sword (150 years) and with Golden medal; Education – Economist and lawyer;
He graduated Karate Instructor high master school.
1977 – Started training;1982-84 – served in armed forces, in Special Purpose Units;1986-88 – participated in championships in the name of the Prague team;1988 – Passed his exam for the second Dan JKA, Japan Karate Association;

1989 – Head of traditional Karate-do Federation of the city of Lvov;

1990 – President of the Ukrainian Organization of Battle Skills;

1991 – Graduated from the Institute of Forestry, faculty of economy in Lvov;

1991 – Continues training as a pupil of Legendary Hitoshi Kasuia;

1992 – Passed his exam for the 3-rd Dan W.S.K.F;

1993 – Was elected the chief instructor of the Russian affiliation of the World Shotokan Karate-do Federation;

1994 – Was appointed a chief instructor of the East-European Association of Shotokan Karate-do;

1995 – Passed his exam for the 4-th Dan of W.S.K.F;

1996 – Sets up a federation of the Georgian Shotokan Karate-do and becomes its President and a chief instructor;

1997 – Was elected President of the Georgian Students Federation of Karate-do of Georgia;

1998 – Passed exams for the 5-th Dan of W.S.K.F;

1999 – Owner of the 6-th Dan of W.K.F;

2001 – Held the European Championship of Karate-do in East-European countries (Tbilisi);

2002 – Elected President and chief instructor of Shotokan Karate-do Association of East-Europe;

2003 – Established the International Association of Shotokan Karate-do with 18 countries, where Kakha Basilia was appointed chief instructor and was awarded with the 7-th Dan of I.S.K.A

2003 – Passed exams for the 6-th Dan of W.S.K.F;

2005 – For his contribution in Karate-Do development is awarded with 7th Dan by WUKO.

2006 – Becomes the adviser of Sports Department’s Chairman in Martial Arts

2007 – Elected President of the Georgian Martial Arts Confederation

2008 – Becomes the adviser of Georgian Olympian Committee’s President

2009 – 7 Dan W.S.K.F. (Tokyo)

2010 – Vice President of W.S.K.U.

2011 – The Adviser of Georgian Sports Ministry

2011 – Chairman of World Academy of Shotokan Karate.

2011 – 8 Dan

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